Have you noticed that sometimes we spend so much money that it controls us? Impulsive purchases, debts and more debts pile up and no resolution is taken, your money keeps going down the drain. Want to know how this happens? See these 5 signs that show that you are wasting your money.

  1. Won, spent

    Won, spent

That’s your motto, “Earned, Spent,” you simply spend everything you earn without any financial control. Even at the best of times, like a job promotion that brings pay raise, you still go on spending like there’s no tomorrow. Besides being throwing money away, you are also a strong candidate to get into debt.

  1. Interest? I’ve never even seen it!

    Interest? I

You shirk the subject when the subject is interest, but do not try to understand it and is always bought by that talk of the “10x of 50 without interest”. You are again throwing money away, since all purchases involve interest, and knowing how to calculate them is possible to predict and negotiate the best rates for loans, loans, etc.

  1. “My best friend is my love.” No, yours is the bank manager!

    "My best friend is my love." No, yours is the bank manager!

Yes, the bank manager may even be your best friend, but do not be fooled! He as a representative of a financial institution is sure to convince you that there are offered the best services, when you could research and learn more about other alternatives of products and services.

  1. You pay overdraft or overdraft interest

    You pay overdraft or overdraft interest

This is certainly one of the biggest signs that prove you have no idea how much money you are throwing away. In the market there are other types of credit much more in account, such as personal loan, with much lower interest rates compared to what you are paying.

  1. “Oh, I always wanted to have one of those”

This is the phrase you most often talk about when you go through the shop window of any store, actually any product you’ve always wanted to have, when in fact you do not know if it’s really needed for you (most certainly not). You are also swept away by the promotion, that lamp is not useful in your home, but it was on sale.

Did you identify with any of these signs? If so, read other financial education articles to help you! And in case of tightening, choose the Financial Group. Apply for your loan online now, 100% safe and without bureaucracy. Financial Group, you far from red.