What is a Payday?

As the name suggests, Payday loans are short-term loans taken by individuals to settle their monetary dues. It is an extremely common form of borrowing, used by almost all, small to large businesses to satisfy their monetary requirements.

Payday loans are small loans taken against a check drawn for the same purpose. You can take it in different forms – through a check or through cashier’s checks. However, all these are borrowed in exchange for hard cash deposited with the bank.

Four Things You Need to Know About Payday

Paydays, as we know, have evolved from loans to be taken from time to time. They have become a good source of income for those who need the money urgently and are unable to manage their payments on their own.

But you must first ensure that the bank is a legitimate one. You should also find out more about the process before you take the loan. Find out more about how it works and what it entails.

In today’s economy, when most people have been laid off, payday loans have become the best option. Whether you need the money urgently or just for an emergency, a payday loan can be of great help. Choose 1. bridge that can provide you the amount you need instantly and easily.

Loans like payday loans are taken with the help of online applications

Even if you have insufficient funds available with you, you can still get the money. The application process generally takes a day to complete and when you are ready with your personal details, the bank account, and other relevant information, the loan is immediately approved. At that point, the loan amount is credited into your bank account and you are free to withdraw the money at any point.

While the process is fast, you might wonder whether there is any risk involved or risk of incurring a loss during a payday loan transaction. The answer is positive.

Every time you borrow a small amount of money, you have to pay interest and incur charges. If you carry out a lot of business like paying a lot of bills or buying a new car, chances are you will have a high balance. When you are in this situation, it is advisable to have a look at your budget and see how much you can afford to borrow.

Risks of taking payday loans

There are numerous risks of taking a loan such as being issued a loan in arrears or having the loan dues continue to increase after you have stopped paying. Some lenders also lend up to several thousand dollars at a time.

Since payday loans are a short-term loan, you have to repay them on the same day that you receive them. This may create some financial problems as you might find yourself without enough funds to pay your bills.

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Can I Take A Home Loan To My Own Home?

Can I take out a mortgage on my own home? Can I get a housing loan for my own home? Information about how to take a home loan, to take home a home loan and home to my home to take home housing loan information is in the continuation of our article.

One of the things most people want to have today is home. Every person wants to have at least one house. This is considered as an assurance for them and an important investment for years to come. At this point, the number of people who think that I can attract housing loans to my own home is quite a lot. This situation varies according to the banks’ credit campaigns.

However, it is highly likely that almost every bank lending a mortgage will offer a mortgage if the mortgage of the citizen is used as a mortgage. So it is important that you have a good command of the general service and credit policies of banks. 

Can I Take A Home Loan To My Own Home?

Can I Take A Home Loan To My Own Home?

A new mortgage the house in the mind of many people moving to house there is no credit. This indicates that this is possible in general. So you can take out the loan you need by mortgaging your house to banks. As you can see, even if you cannot directly take out housing loans to your own home, you can still get a Mortgage Loan by showing your home mortgage. This is the simplest way to attract credits to your own home. The mortgage loan has different conditions among banks.

As already mentioned, we recommend that you contact the relevant bank personnel. Many banks offer credit facilities by themselves and the general conditions of these facilities varies according to the needs of banks to offer credit. For this reason, in order to become a homeowner with a mortgage, you must first understand the general conditions of the loan you need and then apply for the loan. This will always keep you one step ahead.  

How is the loan amount determined?

How is the loan amount determined?

The determination of the number of housing loans arises from the calculation of the income status relative to the loan requested by the person. That is, this shows a timing equal to the probability of the loan being issued. If the income level is in a position to repay the loan, the bank will have already provided the person with the opportunity to provide mortgage housing loans. This gives people the opportunity to make progress and take action in the process of providing loans without causing any problems. Each bank has its own rule, credit method. It will also be possible to make a transition to a comfortable credit scheme by taking your steps through these methods.

However, we would like to state that this type of loan is a loan that is independent of housing loan. The reason we call a housing loan is that you’re going to show your home a mortgage. So you can certainly not take out housing loans to your own home because the deed is already on you. You can use the”Mortgage Loan” instead. These terms apply to this type of credit.

What are the conditions for obtaining a mortgage loan?  


Last but not least, banks are selective in lending to everyone. They are right with their attitude. First of all, it is necessary to be at least 18 years of age to withdraw credit. Loan applications made by those under this age do not reveal any validity status. In addition, you must have a certain source of income in order to get credit. When you proceed through this attitude, you will have the chance to take much stricter steps to reach your dream home. You can always contact the customer service department of the relevant banks and obtain full information about the available loans. The same applies to the Mortgage Loan. Even if your credit record is broken, your chances of using this credit will increase as you will show mortgage on your house! We wish you all to be your host soon.  

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How not to get into debt again? See these tips

Probably you have already gone through some debt situation and never want to get back in the red. Even though this has never happened to you, it is well worth it to be inside these tips, after all, having knowledge of financial control is never too much. So, in order not to fall into debt and maintain your financial health, we separate some information that will be useful for not getting into the grip anymore.

Have a planning

Have a planning

Planning the budget while keeping an up-to-date control is undoubtedly one of the best tools for it that can be used to keep the risk of getting into debt far. Thinking in the medium, long term always, reserving part of the budget for an emergency fund, but first of all it is necessary to separate from the income the portion destined for your payments of basic expenses.

A villain in planning is the impulsive spending on the credit card, as it gives the false sense of possessing money, adding up unforeseen expenses with purchases on the card, and possible high interest rates the next month, getting into debt. So be careful about using it and in doubt you’d rather have money on hand to make purchases.

Shop in sight

Shop in sight

In the anxiety to acquire the product quickly, the installment is the exit of many consumers, but the same can be the cause of endless debts. At the urge to make a purchase expensive and out of your planning, the chances of getting into debt are high, because the long installments carry a good amount of interest over the value, any unforeseen can lead to the tightening and accumulation of plots and more interest on top of interest. So, always prefer shopping for the view, or still have some of the money on hand.

Have control

It is very difficult to maintain a control within the consumer culture that we live, everywhere we are accompanied by advertisements, advertisements and “promotions” and the desire to buy some product, even if dispensable for the moment, only increases with time. While it seems impossible to resist, by keeping a focus on your financial control you can dribble useless purchases and undesirable spending. Commit to your financial goals, remove your property, car, or even get rid of that debt, focus first on paying your expenses so that you are always ahead of the debt. In the end, the relief of having paid off a debt is going to be more enjoyable than the satisfaction with a momentary purchase.

I’m already in debt


If you have lost control over your finances, especially the basic expenses like water, electricity and food, look for a loan, get rid of debt and start planning your budget. To do this, ask for help for the Financial Group, we make your personal loan online quickly, safely and without red tape.

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How to make money left over at the end of the month?

The end of the month arrives and you’re holding an empty wallet? If the answer was yes, this is the right article for you! About 25% of Brazilian families can not finish the month with the bills in order, according to a survey conducted by IBGE, so you’re not alone! But because of these data do not think it is impossible to save and have money left over at the end of the month, stay with us and see some tips to help you save.

Examine what is harming your income

Examine what is harming your income

The first step is to find out how your money is ending before you settle your debts, usually the reason is for spending more than you earn. If this is the case, make a note of your fixed expenses, basic needs and other purchases made, so at the end of the month you will know what your money was most spent on. And of course, redefine your habits so you can save money.

Set Goals

Set Goals

Goals can be a great ally in making an economy. This is explained by the fact that when we have an ultimate goal, our efforts are expanded and we can save more to achieve those dreams. Short, medium, long term, whatever your goal you will have to give up superfluous expenses if you really want to conquer it. In the end, the personal satisfaction of having achieved its purpose will be far more lasting than the momentary pleasure of going to lunch in the restaurant daily without any real need.

Do not waste

Do not waste

Water, light, superfluous expenses: avoid waste. Are you going to brush your teeth? Do not leave the faucet open, set your shower to summer mode at this time, use the broom instead of the hose on your sidewalk, etc. These are small attitudes that turn into great changes that will surely make a difference in your pocket.

If you have seen a shoe in the promotion and want to buy it, first ask yourself if you really need it, and how much others are stored in the closet?

Policing and discipline are huge partnerships when it comes to economizing.

Search and search for discounts

Search and search for discounts

With the use of the internet it became much easier to economize. Before you go out shopping, do a search on the internet and see which store is cheaper but still do not buy, try to go to the physical store and ask the seller for a discount. Do not ask if there is a discount, but rather how much the seller will discount you to become a customer.

Now you know how to save money and get to the end of the month with pocket money. And remember, if things get tricky, Financial Group decomposes to you! Order your loan online without red tape and 100% insurance and get out of the red.

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Save money to ensure a decent old age

The government is preparing a gift for Polish pensioners. In 2018, the pension should increase by 2.8%. Such growth can not be called a revelation. And the officially unemployed are left to themselves and can not count on state support at all. Now the average retirement pension for men is at PLN 2782, for women – PLN 1642.

Look at this amount and compare it to monthly expenses. Are you able to survive only for these funds? We do not. That is why we have created a universal savings formula that will ensure a decent old age. Everyone can use this formula. You can check it yourself.

How we calculated We took into account several factors that affect the quality of our lives:

How we calculated We took into account several factors that affect the quality of our lives:

  • reward
  • the percentage of remuneration that we are going to postpone
  • income from a savings account
  • inflation rate
  • time we want to spend comfortably
  • sufficient amount for a comfortable life

We count: how much money do you need to ensure yourself a decent old age.


In the table you fill in the fields marked in yellow. Then, in the green fields will be automatically calculated, what will you retire, including savings.

We deliberately did not take into account the amount of the state pension, because in every situation you should count only on yourself. However, you can add the amount you expect to receive from you, up to the amount in the column “you will get a pension at today’s rates”.

How I calculated, how much do I have to earn and retire?

How I calculated, how much do I have to earn and retire?

I am 30 years old and my pay is 3000 PLN. I plan to work for 60 years and after retiring I would like to secure a decent old age for 15 years. I do not know what awaits me in the future. It’s just that average people live in Poland after retirement.

I put off 10% of my salary into a savings account, which has an interest rate of 4% per annum. If I will do it for 60 years, I will save PLN 535,756. However, according to the inflation table (in Poland, on average, 3% per year), my money will lose value and savings in current prices will amount to PLN 196,801.

To live comfortably, I need PLN 2,500 a month, or 450,000. PLN 15 for a period of 15 years. And that means I miss 250,000 zlotys. I need to either earn more or deposit more and spend less.

I tried to enter not 10 but 25% in the column “I’m postponing _% of remuneration”. And everything is correct. At the age of 60, with such a salary I will collect 491 thousand zlotys at today’s prices and it will be a sufficient amount to ensure a peaceful old age.

In what to invest to save on old age

In what to invest to save on old age

If you’re under 30, invest in yourself.

The American psychologist Meg Jay in the book “Important Years” says that a period of up to 30 years is the most important for a career. Therefore, invest in professional development: buy books, tools, courses, and save retirement savings for later. If you are more than 30 years old, it’s time to think about your savings and take care of your old age. However, any expert in the field of personal finances will confirm that the savings do not have to be idle, they can bring additional income. There are 3 options.

Bank accounts

Income: 3-4% per annum.

The easiest and most secure way to invest. But such income can not increase capital to a large extent.


Income: can not be predicted.

If you know finances, you are ready to set up an investment account with a bank or brokerage house to trade on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, investing in stocks is what you need. Earn 20-25% from trade – it is quite real. However, sometimes purchased shares lose their value.

Real estate

Income: 5-6.5% per annum.

Investments in real estate are always profitable. They bring stable income and help protect their savings from inflation. With the increase in prices, the cost of rent increases.

According to Business Insider data, we earn the most when buying a flat for rent in Katowice (income around 6.5%),  Warsaw (income about 5-5.5%). But the initial price is about PLN 200,000. You can not buy a flat in the primary market at a lower price.

We hope that after reading this article, you will no longer have questions about how much money you need to ensure a decent old age. Use this table. She really works.

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These 5 signs prove that you are throwing money away

Have you noticed that sometimes we spend so much money that it controls us? Impulsive purchases, debts and more debts pile up and no resolution is taken, your money keeps going down the drain. Want to know how this happens? See these 5 signs that show that you are wasting your money.

  1. Won, spent

    Won, spent

That’s your motto, “Earned, Spent,” you simply spend everything you earn without any financial control. Even at the best of times, like a job promotion that brings pay raise, you still go on spending like there’s no tomorrow. Besides being throwing money away, you are also a strong candidate to get into debt.

  1. Interest? I’ve never even seen it!

    Interest? I

You shirk the subject when the subject is interest, but do not try to understand it and is always bought by that talk of the “10x of 50 without interest”. You are again throwing money away, since all purchases involve interest, and knowing how to calculate them is possible to predict and negotiate the best rates for loans, loans, etc.

  1. “My best friend is my love.” No, yours is the bank manager!

    "My best friend is my love." No, yours is the bank manager!

Yes, the bank manager may even be your best friend, but do not be fooled! He as a representative of a financial institution is sure to convince you that there are offered the best services, when you could research and learn more about other alternatives of products and services.

  1. You pay overdraft or overdraft interest

    You pay overdraft or overdraft interest

This is certainly one of the biggest signs that prove you have no idea how much money you are throwing away. In the market there are other types of credit much more in account, such as personal loan, with much lower interest rates compared to what you are paying.

  1. “Oh, I always wanted to have one of those”

This is the phrase you most often talk about when you go through the shop window of any store, actually any product you’ve always wanted to have, when in fact you do not know if it’s really needed for you (most certainly not). You are also swept away by the promotion, that lamp is not useful in your home, but it was on sale.

Did you identify with any of these signs? If so, read other financial education articles to help you! And in case of tightening, choose the Financial Group. Apply for your loan online now, 100% safe and without bureaucracy. Financial Group, you far from red.

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Credit security on four wheels

Many people are unaware that they have the credit protection that would be enough to start a small business: their own car. The reason why many are not yet aware: Banks do not recognize a vehicle as security. The problem is as old as the credit itself: If you have bankable collateral, you basically do not need credit. If you need a loan, you often do not have bank-standard collateral. Escaping this vicious circle is not easy. But there is a remedy.

Anyone who does not get credit from the bank because their credit rating is not enough for this, in most cases addresses their private environment. And then the next vicious circle opens up: People who have such wealthy friends or family members that they could help them out with a personal loan usually have enough money or bank creditworthiness of their own. Unfortunately, in most cases, the financial possibilities in the circle of acquaintances or in the family are about the same as their own. Therefore, from this side is usually no help to expect.

An alternative that has recently evolved is credit portals. Loan seekers will report on their needs and many small lenders will provide the amount they want – if all goes well. The problem is that even credit platforms usually carry out a credit check, and that is similar to that of banks. Also, if you make it through the credit check, lending is not yet in the towel. The lenders often rate the loan application very subjectively. In other words, the loan application must “please” them to support it. This makes the loan application often a gamble.

Back to top. Basically, there is a high-quality credit security: the own vehicle. Stupid only that neither banks nor friends or credit portals acknowledge that. Here enters a new actor the stage: the pawnshop. These useful facilities value and lend items – without a credit check, with no proof of income, without Schufa – but there has been one drawback to this: regular pawn shops are overwhelmed with the lending of high quality items. Their business is in the two- to three-digit range, sometimes in the four-digit range. This circumstance was the reason for the birth of the Credit Pawn houses.

Credit Pawn – what is that?


Manor houses are closing the gap in credit supply for middle-credit borrowers with low credit ratings. The Credit Pawn is a pawnshop like any other, just in the higher value range. And a lending business is basically just lending – a fact that many people are unaware of.

The loan by car head can – if desired – go very fast. The vehicle is driven up, valued by the pawnshop, the mortgage loan contract is signed, the amount paid out against the delivery of the car papers – done. In rare cases it may happen that the pawn shop pays some time for the technical valuation, but also in this case, the payout is made considerably faster than with the lending by the bank.

A loan on the path of autobahn brings some significant benefits. Of course, the most important thing is – as already mentioned – independence from one’s own credit rating. The rating of Schufa does not matter, as well as the amount of current income. The asset statement can stay in the cabinet. All that matters is the vehicle, its time value and its technical and visual condition. Only these values ​​decide on the lending. Add to that the rapid processing and payment.

An aspect that speaks for the loan by hand, has not yet been discussed: the variable duration. While bank loans – but also private loans – generally have a fixed term, the borrower himself determines when the time for repayment has come – of course within the agreed deposit period. The early repayment is excluded in many conventional credit agreements or associated with significant additional costs. Not so with the car’s head. Here, the borrower determines when it’s time – without any deductions.

Credit-free credit requires self-reliance

Credit-free credit requires self-reliance

In order for the loan by hand to become a thoroughly positive experience for the borrower, some honest considerations are needed on his side before taking this step.

Being able to take out a mortgage loan without a credit check and proof of income is a great opportunity to implement personal plans and achieve goals. But it also requires an open and honest assessment of the personal situation – so to speak a self-initiated credit check on their own behalf.

Even if your own income or assets are not proven, it must still be present at the time of repayment – at least, if you ever want to see his mobile base again. In other words, there must be a concrete and realistic plan for how repayment should be made. Therefore, any person looking for a loan should first ask these questions:

  • Am I able to repay the loan?
  • When will the time of repayment be?

If there is a satisfactory answer to both questions, nothing is in the way of the Credit Pawn. Especially with the question of whether the repayment is possible within a few months, the loan seeker should not indulge in any wishful thinking of the kind “that works anyway”. There must be concrete indications that the possibilities for repayment exist. This can either be a new job with a decent salary, or the prospect of a larger income, such as an inheritance or a severance pay.

This results in the characteristic of the loan per capita. He is not a heavenly gift that lets a money flutter in the lap, for the repayment then takes care of a higher power. It is a bridging measure in the event of a liquidity shortage until the arrival of the income that makes the repayment possible.

A matter of minutes

A matter of minutes

As mentioned above, the lending and cash payment is completed in no time. Only rarely is more than an hour required, usually less. This is how the process works:

  • Step one: The loan seeker drives his vehicle at the Credit Pawn home.
  • Step two: The vehicle is checked and evaluated.
  • Step three: The Credit Pawn house proposes a loan amount.
  • Step four: The mortgage loan agreement is signed.
  • Step five: The payout goes to the borrower.

Another advantage of autopowder is the transparency in pricing. The starting point is the actual value of the presented automobile. Of these, a discount is taken into account as collateral. This may look like this: The current value of the vehicle is 20,000 euros. After deduction of the security discount of 7,000 euros (example value), the loan payment is 13,000 euros. This amount is then used to write the pawn rental contract, which also contains the other conditions, such as interest, fees and the pledge period. The possibility of being able to trigger the vehicle before the end of the pledge period is also part of the pawn rental contract.

A look at the disadvantages

As with all interesting things, there are also some disadvantages in the pledge and the Credit Pawn, which should not be overlooked in the overall assessment. The most obvious are the borrowing costs. Of course, lending to a low-rated borrower presents the lender with an increased level of risk that must be balanced financially. The difference to the regular bank loan is in the acceptance threshold. This is the limit above which the lender no longer considers lending credit acceptable even with increased borrowing costs and rejects the loan.

Anyone who has ever tried to obtain a bank loan with low credit quality knows that the acceptance threshold for banks is extremely low. Even with minor credit ratings, the bank is unwilling to grant the loan, even with increased borrowing costs. This is the big difference to the autopoand, because here is an acceptance threshold as good as non-existent.

However, what remains is the risk assessment that an Credit Pawn home must make in order to avoid getting into trouble. As a result, there are higher borrowing costs for the Credit Pawn than are usual for a bank loan. This is not necessarily reflected in the interest rates that are currently relatively low on the autopoand. What makes a noticeable difference is the deposit charge, which in most cases is additionally estimated. It is usually between two and three percent – per month. A bank loan costs about the same, but every year.

The loan seeker should be aware of the magnitude by a concrete example before the final decision is made. With a loan amount of, for example, 10,000 euros over six months and a deposit of three percent, this alone will cost 1,800 euros – in addition to the interest on the mortgage loan.

The second major drawback is the loss of the vehicle during the pledge. With the classic car head the borrower has no access to the car – it is safely kept in the Credit Pawn house. If it is not possible to realize the way of life or the profession by alternative means of transport, plundering one’s own vehicle may lead to serious problems. Usually the temporary change to public transport, the bicycle or the scooter works. If not, there are few alternatives. The result is an obvious fact: If you can not do without your vehicle, you must say goodbye to the loan option “Credit Pawn” – or maybe not.

Bond the car and still use it – is that possible?

Bond the car and still use it - is that possible?

Increasingly, there is an alternative form of auto-crop, which is offered by a growing number of Credit Pawn houses: the Credit Pawn with onward option.

Legally, this is not a mortgage business. Rather, the loan seeker sells his vehicle to the Credit Pawn home and then rents it back. In this way, the payment of a sale proceeds in the amount of the desired loan amount possible, and yet the seller remains available to the seller for use. As a rule, this solution is noticeably more expensive than the classic car head, since it also includes the fee for the continuous use of the vehicle. Nevertheless, this variant can prove to be an ideal solution in specific life situations – for example, when a business start-up has started, but the indispensable vehicle is the only credit security.

Skillfully timed – the alternative to the onward option

In many cases, proper scheduling can cleverly solve the problem of the unavailable vehicle. If it is not about a current loan requirement, which requires the payment within a very short time, the time management can serve as a problem solver. Here are two examples:

The summer solution

Loan seekers who miss their vehicle, especially in the cold season, while they have no problems in the warm season, even once to take the scooter should lay the pledging date for the spring. So there is enough time during the summer to ensure timely repayment and to have the well-heated car available again in time for the start of winter.

The winter solution

This variant is particularly suitable for owners of a seasonal vehicle such as a motorcycle. So the bike can be mortgaged exactly in the period in which it would be canceled anyway and parked unused. In time for the first spring break it can then be triggered again.

Conclusion to the Credit Pawn

Conclusion to the autopilot

The Autopoad is the ideal loan solution for people with low credit ratings or for borrowers who value very fast settlement and payout. Although the costs are higher than for regular bank loans, this alternative is clearly better than having to do without important projects altogether. The disadvantage of not being able to use the vehicle while pledging can be avoided with a follow-up option. Timely planning of the pledge can compensate for the loss of use in whole or in part.

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Debt consolidation: Tenant loans

A debt consolidation loan pays for more other loans or lines of credit. If you find yourself swimming in debt, this could be a good option. Debt consolidation loan is the best option when you have reached the maximum limit on your credit cards and are still paying for your car and home.

Secured loans are cheap loans as they are given against collateral

Secured loans are cheap loans as they are given against collateral

Home loans are among the most popular secured loans. If you have taken a mortgage loan against your home, then the home equity is the value of your home minus the unpaid mortgage balance. If your home is not mortgaged, then the entire value of your home is its capital home.

You can release the equity that is tied up at home by taking out a home loan

A home loan can serve a number of purposes

A home loan can serve a number of purposes

You can take advantage of a home loan to meet all your needs, whether it is for home, car, vacation, education, etc. If your home is not mortgaged, you can get a home loan to buy a second home .
It is of utmost importance that every borrower should do a lot of research and find out who the lender is best suited to his needs. Even when you opt for a home loan where your credit history is not good, you can look around and choose anything that is best suited to your financial situation. Remember to file only for failure if necessary.

Consider whether debt consolidation can be a more viable alternative

Consider whether debt consolidation can be a more viable alternative

It can be very stressful to undergo the long process of personal bankruptcy declaration. It will affect access to credit in the future. Therefore, you need to make sure that bankruptcy is really the only viable solution to your problems.
Used wisely, loans can be a tool to improve your financial situation.

Taking a loan to invest in your education will pay back over time. This is also the case with 125% home loans. It can be a cheaper alternative to the amazing credit card rates of over 20%. Loan on domestic equities are much lower than consuming loans.

Planning a budget is a key for anyone to learn, but also a teenager, because it is better to know how to set up and use a budget when you are not in financial difficulty, rather than when you are. For any teenager you may not have to worry about bills, but it’s a smart idea to give them some.

Having a job forms the character, but having bills to pay does an even better job. The items are usual cell phone monthly bills, car insurance and if you have them, auto payments. If the teen works and makes around 0 a week, they need to know how to make that amount of money cover their bills, as well as cover their expenses like gas and savings up. Not only is this a great idea, but it will also help build a credit score.

Spending budget: Create a budget that keeps track of the money that enters and leaves the home. This will help you become more disciplined when you spend as it will help you control your spending so as to avoid increasing your credit card debt load.

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Overdraft – what is the cost of the disposition?

A disposition or overdraft facility is a loan granted by the bank. Customers can then overdraw their current account up to a specified maximum amount. How high this is is, among other things, how high the regular payments are and how the Bank information fails.

Further collateral on the part of the borrower is usually not necessary because a lien is agreed between the customer and the bank. If the overdraft facility is not repaid, the bank may, if necessary, resort to other accounts or securities accounts. The collection is usually granted without a formal request. The overdraft facility is also flexible and is primarily intended to help bridge a short-term bottleneck – but interest rates are relatively high. Customers who overdraw the account beyond the MRP limit must pay additional overdraft interest.

What is the cost of the overdraft?

What is the cost of the overdraft?

Because banks earn their money with the interest, they naturally have an interest in granting the highest possible overdrafts – up to three monthly salaries are not uncommon. On average, banks demand for the overdraft, according to the journal Finanztest currently interest at the rate of 9.91 percent. Because interest rates are relatively high, banks still earn on overdraft facilities if they are only used by customers for a short time.

Therefore, customers should use the credit line only very briefly and in exceptional cases

Therefore, customers should use the credit line only very briefly and in exceptional cases

The better alternative is to use other financial reserves or take advantage of credit card credit. The reason: Here, the losses or costs are significantly lower. The exact costs can be determined by an overdraft calculator. Here only the respective framework for the overdraft and the interest rate must be entered into the mask. Subsequently, the costs for the overdraft are determined.

A tip: Anyone who has to make use of the overdraft on a regular basis should also think about rescheduling. Because the interest rates for a installment loan are significantly lower.

However, it is positive that savings banks and banks are not allowed to charge any additional processing fees apart from interest. This has already been confirmed by several court decisions, such as the Higher Regional Court of Hamm or the district court of Frankfurt am Main. The reason: further charges are inadmissible, because the customers already pay higher interest anyway.

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Pocket money needed for vacation

When the weather is so far that the holiday is just around the corner, then it usually comes around again to see if you have enough pocket money to have a little fun at your holiday destination. Once you have arrived, you also want to have a little party and occasionally be able to drink a cocktail in a nice nightclub, but of course, also take some nice souvenirs home to surprise your friends or family. If you just do not have enough money to make ends meet on your vacation, you can check whether it is useful to take an advance on your salary with a mini loan.


Pocket money needed for vacation

Pocket money needed for vacation

As mentioned, you can take an advance on your salary with a mini loan, with this you can choose an amount from 100 euros to a maximum of 1500 euros. You have to pay back this loan quickly (within 62 days), so keep an eye on that, if you do not pay back on time then you probably have to pay a fine. Furthermore, applying for a mini loan is easy online and you complete this within 5 minutes. If you are in a hurry with the payment then you can choose the option ‘pay fast’, this option is not free but you can have the amount in your account within 10 minutes.


Borrow money without credit

Borrow money without credit

If you have a negative registration with the credit check, this is no problem at all when applying for a mini loan, you can borrow money without a credit check because there is no check. It is important that you can pay off the borrowed amount in one go after the specified period, so keep an eye on this because otherwise, you will not be able to borrow a small amount next time.


How much pocket money do you take with you

How much pocket money do you take with you

Of course, you need pocket money for a vacation, but how much is of course entirely dependent on your spending pattern, if you go out to eat every day, this will be more expensive than if you alternate cooking with yourself in your apartment. In addition, it is not really necessary to drink cocktails every night, if you keep a close eye on this then you can divide your money so that you manage until the end of your holiday.

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